Valdosta Community Radio

A project of Snake~Nation~Press







WSNK is an independent, local, low power FM radio station whose mission is to empower the community to improve Valdosta through the production and broadcast of educational and cultural media.




WSNK believes anyone can contribute to and benefit from high quality and compelling programming that represents local diversity. We envision a Valdosta community that unifies and rallies around the radio station and creates meaningful positive content.The radio station would be a source of information, culture, education, entertainment, creativity, and solution-focused dialogue. We believe WSNK can act as a catalyst for artists, educators, activists, and community leaders and as a springboard for future prosocial events and organizations.


The station is a project of the non-profit organization Snake Nation Press. Snake Nation Press is dedicated to fostering the appreciation of literature in all its myriad forms, and as such, WSNK programming should strive to represent accepted standards of writing and journalism.





– Create a diverse and positive leadership team develop the station.


– Through organized fundraising activities and campaigns, establish a financially self-sufficient station with numerous community stakeholders.


– Enlist the technological support and expertise to operate in compliance with all FCC regulations and maintain a safe and functional broadcasting station.


– Develop relevant, consistent and insightful programming.


– Maintain exemplary professional standards for all operations and create an atmosphere of mutual respect.


– Create a clear orientation and training process for all volunteers.


– Utilize relevant local, state, national and international resources for development and education.







By October 2015

Raise $2000

15 active members of leadership team

Contact/tour other community radio stations for support


By December 2015

20 active members of leadership team.

Active and complete social media sites and website

Raise $5000

Develop sample weekly schedule

Create process of volunteer training

Record episodes of two programs


By Spring 2016

Conduct audio podcasting workshop

Establish partnership with computer programmers for web-based radio

Raise $15000


By June 2016

Establish 8 hours of programming a day (40 hours of programming)

All technology acquired, installed, and tested

First Broadcast



Implement community outreach plan

Research and apply for grants

Form community partnerships




Frequently Asked Questions



What is Low Power FM (LPFM)?

WSNK received its LPFM permit from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in January of 2015. We will be broadcasting on a 3.5 mile radius from our station in central Valdosta.





Who is Snake Nation Press?

Snake Nation Press is a non-profit (501 (c)3) literary organization established in Valdosta in 1989 and founded by Roberta George. We are committed to fostering the appreciation, reading, and writing of literature in all its myriad forms.





Community Radio is an opportunity to broaden our services by creating an inclusive local outlet for arts and cultural information and programming. The low power range will  allow us to focus on the vision and needs of Central Valdosta. Low power FM is a cost efficient way to reach thousands of listeners everyday.




The station launch is scheduled for Summer 2016.



How can I be involved?

Our goal is to have a vibrant group of programmers and organizers that represent the breadth of our community. If you are passionate about making Valdosta a better place through arts, music, dialogue and education, please, join us or share your ideas!



Are donations tax deductible?

Yes. Snake Nation Press is a non-profit 501 (c)3 and dedicated to the improvement of our community. All donations are tax-deductible.



Ongoing Events

Organizational meetings are held every Thursday at 6pm. First timers are always welcome. Most meetings will be held at

110 West Force St. in Valdosta


Call 229-444-5191 for more information.